Founder - Quantum Leap Strategy Switzerland

Alena specializes in smart sales, business development and market entrance strategies. She is scaling blockchain and AI businesses through partnerships with corporations and worldwide B2B sales. The client list is composed of corporations and startups from more than 27 countries. The achievements include 16 new product launches of 11 companies, more than 30 new companies incorporated in Switzerland, increased sales up to 150% and closed fundraising rounds. The Annual Davos EmTech Investment Meeting in 2020 brought together deep tech and institutional finance, with the participation of leading global investors representing more than $400 billion in AUM.

Being based in Switzerland companies can benefit from blockchain-friendly legislation, crypto licensed banks and wide governmental support of deep tech startups. Alena is an advisor and a board member of companies in the IT field as well as founder and managing director of Quantum Leap Strategy AG.

Alena’s knowledge-sharing experience includes participation in the leading economic conferences all over the world as well as hosting some in Switzerland.

Alena is the co-founder of the International EmTech Investment Association and Global Blockchain Network and the Indo-Swiss Blockchain Alliance.

Quantum Leap Strategy AG, Switzerland

Quantum Leap Strategy is a Swiss Financial and Management Advisory firm. The company assists with new market entrance and positioning as well as with the

digitalization of assets. Quantum Leap Strategy operates in Switzerland and EU, Russia, Bahrain, and India.

Hosting an Annual Emerging Technology Investment Association Forum in Davos.