UN Women Mentor at UN Women & Founder Food-ATM

Entrepreneurship is a blissful journey for the one who attempts to take it and proceeds.

Privileged to form UAE based “Food-ATM”, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative based organization located in Ajman, UAE.

We provide daily healthy meals at just Aed 3/- per meal, all thru the year. The cost has not changed for the last 3 years, especially to support all those who cannot afford anything more for “A Meal”.

The ripple effect of providing 3 meals to the support staff in organizations has shown a strong boost in Employee satisfaction, performance & loyalty.

We never realized that this CSR act was inline with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Goal#1 “No Poverty”, Goal#2 “Zero Hunger” and UNSDG #3,12,17

When several families in almost 200 countries are being helped with the money sent by these support staff now from the savings from their salaries, it is a huge Blessing for everyone involved in this CSR act ! This is our formula of doing goodness in 200 countries together.

Food-ATM has its own Innovation of food dispensing thru meals counts loaded Smart Cards to dispense daily healthy truly inexpensive meals.

Kluster formed as an IT Infrastructure & HR Services company, gave us opportunities to do several IT Projects in the UAE. Also, got opportunities to place several seasoned professionals in various industries.
We are honored to continue performing each day.

Growing alongwith Kluster, we came up with solutions related to safety of Human lives in Real estate facilities and at Engineering project sites. Received multiple Awards for our Innovations by Government Authorities in the UAE.

We operate in the Ever-Progressing UAE. We would always remain grateful to the Great Leadership of this country. We love UAE.