Sports Industry Investor and Advisor, Entrepreneur

With over twenty years’ experience in the Sports Industry, having built operations, companies and platforms across multiple territories and jurisdictions, Daniel Bernard is currently focused on strategic investments into startups and early stage companies in the sports and sports technology sector.

Born in London in the UK, Daniel has lived in France, Spain, and Italy before settling in Israel in 1999. Working in television for the Sports Channel offered a broad entry into the industry, and he worked from the ground up through logistics and production to deal with broadcast rights acquisitions.

In 2004, Daniel founded the Israel-based Sports Data agency that was to become Redwood International Sports. Redwood was a first mover in advanced analysis of player and team performance always adopting innovative technologies to increase the company’s capacity to deliver quality data and insights for its customers.

Daniel turned his focus in 2015 to the gaming sector and created brand new platforms for emerging markets, dealing with everything from compliance and regulation to product and IT delivery. As part of this journey, he founded Suntech Innovation in Kyiv, Ukraine, delivering fully customized and turnkey product for the specific market.

Grateful to continue working in a sector he enjoys so much, Daniel is an active investor in the sports sector. He is a Venture Partner with Mindspring Capital and is connected with a number of VC funds with a global reach into the Sports Industry. In addition, he works with selected companies as a board member or in an advisory role, to bring value through strategic, operational and business development partnerships.

Daniel wholeheartedly believes in servant leadership. At the center of his core values are a dedication to hard work, high energy, an entrepreneurial spirit and creating teams that embrace diversity of thought as much as they embrace diversity of background. He is a strong advocate for gender equality and believes that, beyond being morally and ethically correct, it is also extremely wise commercially.

In addition to his professional career in the Sports Industry, Daniel is passionate about building long-term, sustainable bridges between Israel and the UAE, and further to additional countries in the GCC. The Abraham Accords have provided an historic opportunity for peace in our region and Daniel is proud to be part of this vision in any way possible, whether it be through commercial, social or cultural partnerships