Co-Founder & CEO at Pearl Browser

Daniele Monteleone aka Robotica | International Tech Entrepreneur | Blockchain Specialist | Applied Researcher AI & IoT | Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) | Independent Advisor on Digital Strategy, Technology, and Information Policy;
We grow up in a world that revolves around money. But our real mission is to leave a better world for those who will come.
My personal life`s work is to create innovation. Innovation for technology, innovation of thoughts and spirits, as necessary bases of a real change. I like to see myself as a Libertarian activist, supporting digital rights, open-source community, e-democracy, decentralization, and financial freedom in any form. Freedom is the keyword of the world I’d like to see in the next future.

To achieve this we must stand together and be strong. Every era has its innovators, who set the path for great changes, the rest will follow.
That’s why I am taking part in different communities of several million supporters like GlobalLeaks (anti-corruption), Pirate Party Movement (participatory democracy), Devuan – Veteran Unix Admins (system freedom!) –, Missionary Church of Kopimism (dissemination of information), (wireless P2P community network).

I was first involved in the bitcoin ecosystem as a hacker in 2010, trying to hack it without success, attending the First Conference on Bitcoin in Prague in 2011 – with my lifetime friend Rick Falckvinge & Max Keiser.
In the last few years, I’ve focused on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Applications. A totally new concept on how to use technology, exploit it and give it a real value. Moreover, I’m a speaker, guest, and attendant at international conferences and university events in Information Technology. Room awareness is key to this challenge.

It’s always a pleasure for me to attend events and conferences. We must rediscover the sense of community, remembering that working together is the key to success. Let’s give meaning to the great results obtained! Together we can create a better world, and we are just getting started!