Business Development Manager at NAS Academy

Ela Venzon embarked on a career in the Media industry a little over 10 years ago. She has toiled in the field and helped people and brands stand out through large scale events, public relations, social media, and influencer marketing campaigns.

Ela specialises in business and strategy management, with particular expertise in growing, acquiring and maintaining businesses (asking the right questions to the client partners such as Government entities, local and international clients, providing achievable and realistic data-driven solutions); and driving sustainable growth to enhance shareholder value.

Ela is currently working with Nas Academy as the Business Development Manager. Nas Academy is on a mission to scale education through global learning communities. Nas Academy provides Cohort-based classes and a unique learning experience equipped with Content Creation, Crypto/NFT and Business courses that focus on teaching people the skills “for the now and the future” with the support of the Nas Academy Community. Her primary focus is helping companies with L & D and Digital Marketing initiatives by upskilling their employees; turning them into Superstar Storytellers like Nas Daily and training them to become Brand Advocates for their companies.