CEO of Gargash Hospital & Dr.Husnia Gargash Fertility Gynaecology & Obstetrics Centre, Sharjah

Mrs. Sawalmah has always been passionate about bettering the healthcare experience for the patient.  Growing up with parents who were both doctors gave her an immense exposure to the healthcare setting at an early age.  With a keen eye for details and a burning desire to improve patient experience, she knew healthcare management was her calling very early.

After finishing her schooling, top of the class, in a national private school, she pursued her undergraduate degree in Business Management in Dubai.  She juggled her studies with the role of an Administrator at her mother’s clinic (Dr. Husnia Gargash Fertility Gynaecology & Obstetrics Centre) in Sharjah.  She completed her post-graduate degree in Business Management from UK.  When the plan and concept of Gargash Hospital was underway in Dubai, Mrs. Sawalmah underwent healthcare management training in IVF hospitals in Spain and a large, reputed semiprivate general hospital in Italy to further understand the nuances of the trade.

Upon her return from Europe, she juggled between Sharjah and Dubai to manage the IVF Clinic in Sharjah and the Gargash Hospital project.  She undertook charge of Gargash Hospital as its CEO, and oversaw the entire hospital project, right from its design, conceptualization, brand design and interior design. At the same time, she also led the IVF clinic in Sharjah towards its first Canadian accreditation (ACI) making the IVF center the first to achieve ACI accreditation on three facets, Laboratory, Clinical and Leadership.

She and her team worked hard for the authority approvals, and successfully launched Gargash Hospital in September 2019.  With the support of an expert medical and admin team, she steered clear the hospital of the many challenges faced by an upcoming hospital. She led from the front and worked actively with the health authorities during COVID-19 outbreak in UAE.  She is an active advocate of women empowerment, and this is evident from the fact that 65% of her staff are females, of which 80% are in management roles, and she hope to grow this.