Director of Research and Human performance at ProBiometrics

Ian Wynne is the Director of Research and Human performance at ProBiometrics, with over 20 years of experience exploring and developing human potential. He is a successful multiple Olympian (Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004) Olympic and European medalist and former Lead Coach at British Canoeing, responsible for developing the next generation of elite athletes and coaches.
Combining a deep understanding of world-class performance environments with formal qualifications from UKSport, The University of Stirling and London Guildhall University, Ian aims to upgrade the human operating system and optimise human performance both here on earth and in space!

ProBiometrics is fast-tracking the development of the next generation of physiological data capture devices ProCVT. A remote health monitoring system capable of taking high-resolution ECG through clothing to track heart rate, respiration rate and temperature, plus the unique clinically validated measure of the parasympathetic nervous system known as Cardiac Vagal Tone. This information is critical to understanding an individual’s health, allowing optimisation of recovery and performance through biofeedback.