Management Consultant

MSc is a career management consultant. He currently leads Organizational Effectiveness and Strategy Execution practice at Agile Dynamics, and works with leading companies to design and implement transformations. He is also a partner in SwiftMotion Media, a fully capitalized micro-VC that supports the best and most promising elements of the startup ecosystem focused on growth stage venture investing. His attention goes deep beyond the performance of investments. Paul maintains contact and interest in the founders long after their companies are flourishing, helping them grow to capacity at every phase

Paul worked extensively in the emerging markets of Asia, Europe and The Middle East (du, Gazprom, Norconsult, Global Medical Solutions, Sadara Chemical Company, Willis Towers Watson, Mercer Consulting, Oliver Wyman, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation and more recently Abu Dhabi Ports). Paul is a PhD candidate and he holds a Union University, Master’s degree, Industrial Economics Management, as well as a Bachelor of Industrial Economics Management. Columbia Business School, Postgraduate Diploma, Digital Business. In addition to his academics Paul is Certified Business Architect and Change Management Specialist.