Commercial Director for the Green Gold Project

Mr. Maumejean is the Commercial Director for the Green Gold Project. He has designed,
developed, and promoted hundreds of projects using the most advanced technology and
strategic planning available for corporations and governments worldwide for more than
three decades. A degree in Communications and Studies in Industrial Engineering makes
him a strategic marketing specialist with over 25 years of experience integrating several
disciplines to produce pragmatic solutions, always using the newest technological trends
to maximize the success rate.

He pursues projects that create a quality of life for humanity and help develop a culture
of sustainability by implementing technology, strategic marketing, and planning. Several
projects he has worked on in areas like water management, agriculture, mobility,
transportation, health, and education have improved the lives of millions.
Beyond the marketing skills, he has also co-designed different products like FortaCash,
Intelligent Safe Boxes, EcoTech, mobile equipment capable of monitoring and analyzing
pollution patterns in highly populated areas, and the TRAMEX, an urban public transport
and auxiliary system currently under development as an electric mass transportation
system using AI with the capacity to move as much as any regular subway system at
1/10th of the cost.
To help create a sustainable world with a quality of life for everyone is Mr. Maumejean’s
ultimate goal.