CEO at Green Tech Global

An Entrepreneur by heart, she lived and grew up in multiple countries. Throughout the years of seeing and living through different cultures and countries, Amanda Muessli has learned about the importance of changing the world for the better. She believes that everyone has their purpose in this world, to make it a better place.
Before establishing her businesses through her family’s developed technologies, Amanda has worked as a Nurse in Switzerland for a few years before she moved to Los Angeles to study Business Management.

She has stepped into the agriculture technology field 6 years ago with her true passion of providing food security internationally.
Amanda is passionate to spread awareness about the importance of food security, about our changing world, our changing economy, changing of consumer consumption behaviour and climate change.

She has been inspired to approach the UAE market as it welcomes new innovations and offers an incredible amount of opportunities to make it a better place for its people.
Her company holds high values on making a change in the agricultural sector, to make it possible for any country, no matter the climate circumstances, to grow foods all year round while saving a massive amount of water consumption and using renewable energy.
Not only is Amanda eager to succeed in the agricultural sector, but she is also willing to empower other women that anything is possible and that Woman Leaders are able to dominate in any existing or upcoming market.