Founder & President of Aratos Group of Companies

Nikos Bogonikolos is the founder of the Aratos European Group of Companies (, currently holding the active position of the President.
He sustains a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Patras in Greece, a MSc in Cybernetics and a doctoral with thesis at the Kharkov National Economic University in Ukraine.
Since 1987, he has been holding positions of President, Managing Director and shareholder of various business entities activated in Information Technologies (Blockchain, AI, IoT), Space Technologies, Homeland Security, Education and Training, Innovation Consulting and Business Development in Europe, Asia and Africa.
He has led and managed various projects in the fields of entrepreneurial assistance, homeland security, innovation, information technology, space, training, and regional development in the private and public sectors in Europe with a total budget of projects over €1 billion.
He is also a Senior Advisor to the European Commission, the European Parliament and to several Governments worldwide. He has business development experience and has conducted business deals in more than 40 countries.
He is also the creator of “Total Security Process Reengineering”, a unique holistic security methodology.
Dr Bogonikolos has published 4 books and 42 scientific abstracts in journals and conferences. He is visiting Professor in European Universities.
He is an inventor of different technological waves including AI, internet, space and blockchain.