General Manager - IBM Consulting IBM Middle East and Africa

 Christian is a highly motivated senior executive with a broad range of IT, business management and communication skills. Christian is employed by IBM United Kingdom Ltd and has held a number of executive positions the UK and assignments abroad including UAE, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Central and Eastern Europe. 

As a senior business unit manager, Christian has practical experience all aspects of managing a services business including sales, strategy, financial management, planning, contracting as well as delivery management. 

Leader with experience of leading complex multi country, multi cultural organisations and teams of 5000+ employees. 

Experienced business manager with end to end responsibility across multiple lines of business and countries. 

Experienced in handling situations of uncertainty and tension which require diplomacy, vision and drive to achieve a positive outcome. 

Capable communicator at all levels of an organization including CEO, boardroom and senior management, works councils and, of course, employees 

A practical background in IT infrastructure and systems integration with a sound grasp of how to address current business challenges with state of the art solutions. 

Christian is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors (UK). 

Current Role: 

General Manager, IBM Middle East and Africa (March 2022 – ) 

Christian is the General Manager of the IBM Consulting unit and is responsible for the entire business scope including sales, delivery, personnel, offerings and marketing. The scope of the business includes, amongst others, strategic business consulting, cloud services, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Workday, Microsoft, AWS and spans all industries. Christian is married with three grown up children.