Managing Director of Microsoft for startups in MENA

With over20 years’ experience working forthe likes of Microsoft andGoogle, RobertoCroci’s passion lies in innovation, startupsandPEOPLE.Relationship driven, he hasbridged the gapbetween corporates andstartups across more than 20 countries,helping them develop real solutions thatsolve real world problems.A leading innovator in developing ecosystems where startups thrive, Roberto’s expertise andcandid approach have kept him in demand with major tech companies throughout hiscareer.In his current role as the Managing Director of Microsoft for Startups, Roberto is buildingMicrosoft’s new division from scratch, including spearheading its expansion and innovationstrategy, with the vision to foster a collaborative startup ecosystem to create a better, brighterfuture for people around the world. Connecting the dots between startups, government agenciesand private sector organizations, Roberto helps organizations adopt the innovation mindset andleverage the technology and nimbleness that startups provide. With an ability to cut throughthe noise, he works directly with startup founders and encourages them to “think differently”and to “be more curious.”Roberto is passionate about mentoring young people, helping them develop an entrepreneurialmindset to search for solutions to problems they see in their community, country, or across theglobe. He regularly speaks at prominent universities, including Abu Dhabi University and ZayedUniversity, as well as within local school systems, such as the GEMS schools. His vision istoinspire 1 million students and entrepreneurs to build homegrown tech startups that evolvetobecome global Unicorns.An in-demand international speaker, Roberto speaks about authentic and creative leadership,employee engagement, mental health, innovation and digital transformation, funding andstartups.In his personal world, Roberto enjoys reading hardcover books, hiking, running, and spendingtime with his family. He has summited K2, the second highest mountain in the world. He enjoysbuilding relationships with passionate, driven people from allsectors, cultures, and walks of life.