Optimization Hub's CEO

As the Optimisation Hub’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a warm force of passions and dedication as a highly trusted and celebrated in sport, corporate and government. Graziella’s commitment to human social and economic development is profound and has been guided by 30 years of committed experience in human performance and risk beginning with a career 30 years ago in forensic psychology and leadership. Holding a Masters in Psychology with studies in a PHD Graziella is both a leader and trusted advisor with a hands-on servant and transformational leadership practice with 26 multinationals having mentored significant leadership teams and contributed to change and economic growth. A key-note speaker in 12 countries she enjoys brings people together and moderating panels. In last 2 years she has taken this online for MEI, Sport accord, MOC, KNOC, EHMIC, Commonwealth games, and sports federations as well as keynote addresses on human evolution, diversity inclusion and human health economics. Given her capacity in leadership, economic development she carved a culture of strong outcomes delivery in the Optimisation hub to revolutionize educational practices in sport working with the element of importance of the performance psychology, Nuerolink, and human transitions focused on filling the mental education gaps in sports sector as the sector of influence and education of the young at both the athlete, coaches and event development levels. 

Her pathway to where she now began in Asia where she was born of Maltese and Italian descent as a child of two diplomats. She was voted to Asia 21 young leaders, spoke at the UNAAOC and has been celebrated in her work in CSR winning 2 awards as Best Woman of the Year and Most Inspirational Leader of the Year for IWD ( International Women’s day 2020). Her passion for galvanizing human development spans leadership development bringing guidance to those she was leading, mentoring female and male CEO’s and also building our youth towards innovations so they could achieve desirable outcomes. She has carved her own path, whilst raining a family singlehandedly and reputation driven by one condition: a better world for all, breaking glass ceilings in Forensics, guiding mergers in Financial institutions and logistics, change management and leadership support in Legal, Sports, Government, Health, IT, Building and Transport. Economic Growth, sports and entertainment and Community Sectors have now captured her focus. Her multinational personality origins and people first background, has earnt her the reputation as a CEO of courage and character, who is a highly respected professional. Graziella emphasizes her keen passion for our younger generations and the importance of mental health and health economics as an important deliverable for a better world. 

Her love of her team, health economics and people Is front and centre.