SVP SeaBubbles

Virginie Seurat, is the Senior Vice-president of SeaBubbles, a cutting-edge company in green mobility with a new generation of boats powered by hydrogen. In a career spanning 18 years, Virginie carried out challenging missions with renowned luxury brands such as LVMH and innovative companies from London to Hong-Kong, via Paris and now Dubai where she settled down in 2017. These experiences have given her an innate understanding of value creation in customer experience.

Her commitment for sustainability was always a strong component of all the various projects she led throughout her career. Therefore, it was only natural for her to launch a business including this requirement in 2018 with Petit Gourmet, the first meal plan service that offers organic and eco-friendly lunch boxes to children in Dubai. After this entrepreneurial success, she decided to put her experience, commitment in sustainability and leadership skills at the service of the French start-up, SeaBubbles, where she is strongly involved in the development of the company as Senior Vice-President. She has recently engaged with local conglomerates to develop zero-emission mobility in the UAE and partake the way of Net Zero Emissions’ vision.